Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Biggest Snowman Ever

Even though it's so cold, I love this time of the year! The stories are adorable and assist in so many ways. This month we are working on sequencing and I am using a cute snowman story to help out with that! What's better than talking about building a snowman in January?

The Biggest Snowman Ever by Steven Kroll is a story of two little mice friends who are building snowmen. It's the perfect read aloud to introduce sequencing in the winter months!
 After listening to the story, we're going to sequence how to build a snowman. I'm using a three step sequencing activity where the students can either fill in the blanks or you can choose to give them the one with pictures for students who need it.

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I find that in writing I need to do a lot of scaffolding, which is why I wanted to give you the activity with pictures. Kids often can get "writer's block" and I've found that picture clues helps to build confidence. You can choose to use either or both! 
After the activity, I am going to give out these brag tags that say, "Snow Much Organization." I'll explain that sequencing is like organizing ideas on paper or in your mind. I think they will love these brag tags! You can grab them here.

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