Monday, December 5, 2016

Paper Bag Books in December

 I've started using paper bag books in my classroom and I am already hooked after the first lesson! There are so many bonuses to using these in your classroom!

1. Your students will integrate writing & art.
2. Fine-motor practice will happen.
3. At the end of the lesson your students have their own books to take home!
4. Your classroom family will blossom as kids share out their stories.

And so much more!
I start day one by having the kids set up their books. This includes cutting out the pictures and gluing them into the book. I like to staple the paper bags together because it is so easy to do and makes my life easier when we start the lesson.
Look at these beautiful fine-motor muscles moving! Cutting, gluing, writing, and coloring are all part of that fine-motor activity that your kids need and will benefit from! 

 One of my favorite parts of these books is looking at the illustrations. They are always so unique and special and even the parents love them! During the holiday break I am hoping my kids read these to their families!
Do you have your kids share out? One of our standards is speaking clearly so my kids have to share at least two pages. If they want, they can share the whole book with us.
I've been sharing my colored copies with the students and I've included the black and white printables for you to help save ink and allow the kids to color the pages in! Each page looks different and engages the students in a different way. My class is loving them!
 If you are interested in these books you can save *BIG* by purchasing the bundle or you can buy them individually:

December Paper Bag Bundle *SAVE BIG*
My Pet Reindeer
Dear Santa
Elf Life
How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

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