Sunday, November 13, 2016

Disguise The Turkey: The Perfect Thanksgiving Project

Today I am sharing a classroom project that I hold dear to my heart. I've done it for the past 8 years and absolutely love it. Not only is it cute & loved by the families, I use it for classroom story writing and the kids just have so much fun! This project, called Disguise The Turkey, has been something that many classrooms have done and loved from year to year.

What Disguise The Turkey is All About:

I begin by introducing the project to my students by reading the story, Turkey Trouble. In this story, the little turkey disguises himself to hide from the farmer. He wants to survive Thanksgiving!

I let my class know that they will be given a regular turkey who they need to save for Thanksgiving! We look at illustrated disguised turkeys and they absolutely love it!
Then, I show them photographs of turkeys from past classes. They are pretty much in awe, as I have been each year! Let's take a look at a few!
Disguise The Turkey comes filled with many different writing resources. There are graphic organizers and other tools the students can use to describe how they helped their turkey survive Thanksgiving! 
I love having the students complete the sequencing activity because this gives me a peek at their processes and exactly how they created their turkeys! I love learning what materials they used and what family members help them! It's adorable!
I've also included other helpful classroom resources, such as these word wall cards. I've found that hanging these word wall cards in our classroom helps to hold the students accountable for their spelling.
After I've checked in with the students to see how they made their turkeys, the students write their own story from their turkey's point of view! They love keeping their turkeys on their desks while doing this.
Over the years we have hung our turkeys in the hall. Coincidentally, our parent-teacher conferences are around the same time! I love hanging the turkeys in the hall for the parents, teachers, and other students to see! Our classroom family always gets a kick out of showing off the turkeys!
This year I've incorporated a behavior management system into my classroom called, Brag Tags. Each student has their own ring where they collect these tags! At the end of the year they will take them home. This system has been great to reward and encourage students on an individual basis.
I do like to occasionally give the same brag tag to every student. This allows them to see that we truly are a class family! I've included these "Your Turkey is Safe" tags for you! If you don't use brag tags in your classroom, you can still give these out by tapping them in their assignment books, putting one on their report card, or even just handing it to them when they get their turkey back!
I hope you loved seeing these disguised turkeys! This is absolutely one of my favorite projects and I hope you try it out!

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