Saturday, October 15, 2016

Books Teachers Love: November Edition

This is probably, hands down, my favorite month of the year! I love all of the stories that come with the month of November. Plus, it's my birthday month! Woo hoo! In other words, we have a lot of fun in November!

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Today I am sharing my favorite project that I have been doing for the past, well I won't even tell you how many years. Over the years it has received a few tweaks and updates and I am happy to tell you about the new and improved, Disguise a Turkey project that goes with the story, Turkey Trouble!

First I read the story, Turkey Trouble which talks about a turkey who is hiding from Thanksgiving! He doesn't want to be caught by the farmer and cooked for supper! 

As an extension to the story, I have created a project where the students disguise their own turkey! They get a regular looking turkey and can take it home to use any unique materials they want!

Over the years I have seen so many amazing disguised turkeys! Here is a sweet one that came in last year [it's a cupcake!].

My project comes with examples for your students to look at to get their minds in the disguising mode! 
Want to try out a couple of pages for free? Try it HERE! Your kids can brainstorm what a disguised turkey would look like and there is also a story elements page included if you choose to read the story, Turkey Trouble! 

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