Sunday, August 14, 2016

Books Teachers Love [Wemberly Worried]

Books Teachers Love is a small group of bloggers that have come together to share our favorite read alouds with you! We've included free corresponding units, guides, or samples that you can use to go along with the stories as you read them to your classroom!

I am so excited to be back, blogging with the BTL group for the 2016-2017 school year! I hope your find the books we have chosen helpful and great to use with your students!

September is a great month to talk about emotions. We never truly know how our students are going to arrive at school and what they are feeling those first few weeks. Wemberly Worried is a story about a little girl who is worried about her first day at school, among other things, and shows how she transforms into a comfortable student at school.

My class does a Wemberly Worried unit with a variety of activities that explore how both Wemberly and they are feeling. I like to choose my read alouds carefully and check comprehension in different ways when possible. I have created a Wemberly Worried Comprehension Guide & Craft that has everything that you need for this story to check student understanding and knowledge of Wemberly! 
You can try two of the comprehension pieces from my unit out today with your class from my sampler pack! These two pieces are great to check the knowledge of the beginning, middle & end, as well as comparing an contrasting with your students!

Grab my sampler pack here.

I love the Wemberly craft that is included in the unit! There are simple, easy to cut pieces that the students can either cut from construction paper or they can color them in! It's your choice! The craft comes with a writing piece that has students explain why it is not good to worry, in their own words.
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  1. Such a cute craft! Love this book! It is really important to begin at the very beginning of the year talking about emotions and letting students know school is a safe place to do so. Thanks for sharing!