Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Books Teachers Love {March}

We're back!!! It's time for Books Teachers Love and we're celebrating all books March themed! 

Aren't these just adorable stories? I bet you have read a ton of them in your class or have them on your bookshelf, so keep reading along!

I chose to share the book, The Night before Saint Patrick's Day. I love everything from the message to the illustrations so I couldn't wait to share it with you!

We start by reading the story in the beginning of March. It's a few weeks before Saint Patrick's Day but that's alright given the activity that we do with the story!
The kids love looking at the illustrations. They are so beautiful and kid-friendly. I even love them!

We stop on the page where Tim and Maureen make traps with a gold ring so we can talk about the connection between leprechauns and gold.

After the story is over, I tell the kids about how we are going to be collecting our own gold coins! However, I put a twist on it! I tell the kids that as a class, we are going to be collecting "coins for compliments."

To prep, all I did was trace a circle and made a pot to store the gold coins in!

Now, you see, I was always told growing up that a compliment is like gold. With that, I thought that my students could earn gold when another adult in the building gives them a well-deserved compliment. They eat that up and I just love seeing them so excited!
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