Thursday, December 10, 2015

Books Bloggers Love {January}

We're back friends! Today we are sharing some great read alouds for the month of January and later tonight you will have the chance to win some great titles on Instagram

The book I chose is called, Lars and The Husky Pup {surprise, suprise, right?!}. I love this book because it allows me to talk about the problems and solutions in the story, as well as tie in such a cute little husky which my kids go crazy for!

I have created this problem and solution T-Chart that goes along nicely with the story. I lined it because my students are constantly working on letter placement and formation. I mean, who isn't? :)

Don't forget to stop by tonight to win a copy of these four titles! You will be able to get the link from my page or if you are following me on Instagram, you can see it there too! You'll also want to stop by these other blogs to see many different ideas for the month of January!


  1. How did I not know you had a stuffed animal husky? ADORBS!! Thanks for sharing this book, it looks super adorable too!


  2. I LOVE the Polar Bear books! I have them all. :)