Sunday, December 6, 2015

All About Caribou {Lapbook}

 This week we are learning all about caribou (aka reindeer) and I really wanted to make it hands on and interactive for the students. I decided to try making a lapbook because I envisioned this being a tool the students could use for a long time by referring back to it. As I was setting mine up, I was enjoying it and I really hope the kids love it as much as I do!

Today I am going to show you many of the pieces that go along with this lapbook and how you can use it in your classroom too.
Lapbooks are made using file folders and the interactive pieces that I provided in this All About Caribou unit. This is what the lapbook looks like open.
This is what the lapbook looks like closed. There is a real photograph for the students to see what a caribou looks like and a space for the students to draw their own caribou. I am also big on labeling, so those two labels are provided for you. There is also a place for the students to write their names.
This lapbook comes with a nonfiction piece that the students use to find the information they need to complete the pieces of the lapbook. I will refer back to this nonfiction text several times (each time we complete a new piece of the book).
The fast facts are where you can have the students write down a few facts about caribou.
This is what the inside of the fast facts section should look like. These answers all come from the nonfiction text I provided.
There is a spot for the students to create a vocabulary section to store their own vocab words!
This herds pull down allows the students to see another real life picture and understand the meaning behind the word "herd."
The students use the nonfiction text to write the meaning of the word "herd" by pulling down on the flap.
This is what I call the antler flip up.
Students can draw a picture of a set of antlers on top and then write about antlers on the bottom.
In the middle of the book you can see the "All About Caribou" flipbook. These pages are lined and each section has information located in the nonfiction text. For example, when the students are writing about the caribou's diet, they refer back to the nonfiction text to get the answers.
One of my favorite parts of this lapbook is the space that I left to staple the student's "reindeer food." I will be giving the students their lapbooks to take home in time for the holidays so they can use the reindeer food at home! There are directions for the reindeer food and the recipe is also included on that section of the flapbook.

I really appreciate you stopping by to look at my newest labor of love! If you are interested in the flapbook you can check it out here ---> All About Caribou Flapbook

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