Friday, September 18, 2015

Fall Into Great Savings!

Hey friends! I am so excited to tell you that one of my best blogging buddies, Jessica from Mrs. Plemons' Kindergarten and I connected to host a Fall Into Great Savings TpT sale for you! 

Today is a big fall SALE day over at my TpT Store on my Magic Tree House resources! All of the comprehension guides are on sale and you can grab them all together at a even deeper discount in the entire growing bundle or individually by story.
Now that you know what's on sale, I'd like to tell you a little more about one of my favorite products in my store!

 Each comprehension guide can be set up as a student book, or, you can give the students the pages individually if you are doing shared reading lessons with the entire class. I like setting them up as student packs for my reading groups and student independent work.
Each guide has a student cover page and an introduction page. I have this in both black & white and in color in case you want to project it from your smart board or print it out.
 There are 10 different chapter activity pages that assess different language art skills typical for grades two and three. But, I have had first grade teachers tell me they were able to use this with their students who were on a higher level. There is also a teacher's guide for a quick and easy reference.

 Here's a closer look at four of the chapter pages. The full set of language arts skills that you can find in these comprehension guides include:

-Chapter 1: Draw, Label, Describe the Main Characters + True & False
-Chapter 2: Vocabulary Matching + Visual Image
-Chapter 3: Prompts According to the Text + Word Search
-Chapter 4: Venn Diagram + Counting Syllables
-Chapter 5: Using Vocabulary in Sentences + Making a Timeline
-Chapter 6: Listing Parts of Speech + Prompts According to the Text
-Chapter 7: ABC Order + Find the Hidden Message
-Chapter 8: Cause & Effect + Writing Sentences
-Chapter 9: Vocabulary Word + Dissecting Compound Words
-Chapter 10: Rhyming + Prompts According to the Text

My favorite subject to teach is writing so I just had to add these word wall words. All of the packs come with their own set of 40+ word wall cards that are specific to the book.

I hope you found this breakdown helpful and please don't hesitate to ask any questions! You can grab these resources on sale TODAY until Sunday, September 20th!

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