Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Back to School Survival Kit

I am beyond excited to tell you about the 2015 back to school survival kit exchange! This was such an awesome idea from Stephanie and Destiny because I got to send a fellow teacher some of her favorite goodies & I got some of my favorites in return! It's always so fun connecting with other teachers!

This year my partner was Emily from Third in Hollywood. I had been following her for awhile now because I love her teaching style and personality, so I was so pumped to have her as my partner!! You can read a little bit about Emily below....

Ok, so after reading that bio who wouldn't love having Emily as a partner?!?! Now let me show you some of the fantastic, beautiful, thoughtful, AWESOME things she put into my b2s box!

I was so in love with everything Emily sent, especially because it was all my favorite colors... teal and pink!! She sent me all kinds of writing supplies, washi tape, cute bins, a classroom rules sign, tumbler, and more!

One of my favorites were these colorful paperclips. I know.... you can REALLY tell that I am a teacher now!!! But yes, folks, I was so in love with these!!

If you happen to read this Emily, THANK YOU so much! This was one of the best teacher gifts that I have ever gotten, and maybe I will be lucky enough to have you again next year!

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