Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The End of the Year Math Chain

I have been seeing these math chains all over IG and Pinterest so I knew it just had to be done in my room! I wanted to put my own touch on it with my students, so this week we talked about "representing their number" on the link that was given to them.

We started by figuring out what that really means... I asked my students how many ways they could show the number 18 {my lucky number of course!}. I then asked them to pick a number and show it in a way of their choice.

Some of the ways we came up with were:

1. Tally Marks
2. Coins
3. An Equation
4. On a Number Line
5. Dominoes
6. Drawing a Picture
7. Showing the Number in a List
8. Writing the Number in Words
9. Base Ten Blocks

{Here's a closer look}

Then, each student got a strip and a number. They were asked to represent the number on their link for the class chain.

Since we use our math journals (almost) every day, the students used them to record their responses! I also gave them stickers. That was fun! Really! 
 {Student Example: 1}

 {Student Example: 2}

{Student Example: 3}

 We hooked the chain up to the ceiling! You know I had to get a creative shot like this from the floor! Don't worry, I didn't lay there too long! #whatwasithinking?

Here is the finished product! Each day a student will cut off their link and take it home. This project was really fun! If you get to try it, leave me a comment and let me know what you think! 

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