Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The 25 Day Countdown + a FREEbie!

Tomorrow starts the 19th day left of school, friends! And since I have been a little obsessed with teaching writing this year, I wanted to make some prompts for the last few days of school. They are currently on our white board with magnet tape, and we take one down each day!
Each of the prompts asks the students to reflect back on the year in someway. I just love reading their responses!!
The students have a black and white version of the prompt that they post inside of their writer's notebook. When I was creating these journal prompts, the pack quickly spiraled out of control to include a few other end of the year resources
Like...these last day crowns that the kids can wear! 
I had the kids work on them this week so I have time to put them together before the last day! 
I also made a template for these printable sticky notes. All you have to do is print out the blank template, put your sticky notes on, and choose if you want the colored balloons or black and white ones! 
We put them on our calendar and one student gets to take it home each day. They like putting it in their assignment books! Inside of the pack, there are also materials like teacher notes for students, and a student countdown book that they can make! 

Last week we also made individual countdown chains. We use them during math time and each student cuts a link from their chain. They then solve three digit math equations on them! It's been really fun!!
This weekend I made a scavenger hunt for the students which you can grab here for free!!
There is a colored version of the recording sheet, or you can print the black & white one. Whatever works best for you!!

And don't forget... I would love to hear how many days of school you have left! You can find this fun teacher linkup on IG by going to my page or using the #teacherend.

Have a great rest of your year, friends!!!

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