Monday, May 4, 2015

Teachers Helping Teachers

A few weeks ago I was browsing Instagram, my favorite place to be while on my phone and in bed, and I came across a post from the darling Courtney from Ramona Recommends. I saw that she had given a shout out to a couple of teachers who she wanted to pay it forward to for their positivity and blogging help. I totally could relate so I knew I had to also pay it forward.

I then found out Courtney and Layla from Fancy Free in 4th wanted to create a blog linkup with teachers who also wanted to pay it forward. That leads us to today!!

I have so many teachers in my life who I could pay it forward to because through the blogging world I have made so many friendships. I also admire so many of my teacher-blogger-friends and am in constant awe of their positivity, creativity, and helpful nature.

Not only do I blog here at Mrs. Dailey's Classroom, I am also part of a blog called, The Elementary Entourage where I have met some great friends and have gotten to know many sweethearts! For this months Teachers Helping Teachers linkup, I am honoring Keri Brown from Enchanted Kindergarden.

{This is Keri's new blog design. Isn't it just adorable?!}

I have loved getting to know this lady and chatting with her in person is getting me so excited to be her roomie for the TpT Conference in July. We are going to get into so much trouble have so much fun!!!

For this month's gift, I decided to send Keri a little bit of love in the form of a TpT gift card. Since the Store-Wide Sale is tomorrow {YAAHOO!!}, I knew this would be the perfect girl for my sweet, sweet friend!

Thank you for making the world a better place, Keri. I know that you made me smile and laugh, so you must do the same for your little kindergartners everyday!

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