Saturday, May 2, 2015

May Currently

This month I am linking up Farley from Oh' Boy it's 4th Grade for Currently

Listening: I'm sitting in my home office right now listening to the birds chirping outside at about 7:00 am. It's a beautiful sound because that means spring is here!!
 {I told you the birds are here! Look what I found the other day.}

Loving: The new month. I love you May! This time is always such a fun time of the year for me professionally and personally. I love wrapping up the year with my students because we look back on all that we have learned, push ourselves to learn even more for the last few weeks, and celebrate as a class! At home, I love baseball season and the warmer weather! Being outside is so fun!

Thinking: Since the weather is just gorg, I think it's calling for a family hiking day!
{Our favorite hiking buddy and class mascot, Shilah!}

Wanting: I love all things girlie so I think I'll be getting new makeup before summer hits... most definitely.

Needing: This month I will have to put aside some time for spring cleaning. I love making friends who are organized because I learn from them and pick up tips. I am so unorganized and every spring I think... "This is it! I can do this!!"

Summer Yes: I can't believe that I booked my flight to go see Jessica from Mrs. Plemons' Kindergarten. I always love looking at the pictures of her daughter so it should be so fun to meet her family. We're even having some other friends from our blogging group join us! Did I mention that I am flying out on the last day of school?

Summer Hope: I really hope I can update my products on TpT. I have been a seller for about a year and a half now and while I love and believe in all of my products, I have picked up so many design tricks that I was to put on some of my things that I first put in my store! It should be fun!!

Summer Dream: My husband and I have been talking about taking a trip to Hawaii so that's been on my mind and in my dreams... 

Thank you for stopping by today! I can't wait to hop through and read the other bloggers who linked up for Currently this month! 


  1. I need some new makeup too! Oh I'm so jealous about your summer plans!!! Love ya girl!!
    -Momma with a Teaching Mission

  2. YESSS!!!! I cannot wait to see you in June!!!

  3. Hey new Kendra Scott friend! :) I've recently become addicted to Bobbi Brown...what's your go-to brand or some of your favorites? Can't wait to meet you in Vegas and have more Hangouts chats!

    Terrific Teaching and Learning

  4. Sneak me into your suitcase and take me with you in JUNE!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Shilah is gorgeous! It is a beautiful day here in NC, too. Enjoy!

  6. Love you! Little bit jealous that you will be getting to meet Madelynn. Hehe. Go to Hawaii!!!!! I went years ago. It was simply breathtaking. Ready, set, Hawaii!