Friday, March 6, 2015

Phonics, Phonics, Phonics {Working on Vowel Teams and a FREEBIE}

We're continuing to work on vowel teams and I wanted to share some of the activities that have kept my students engaged over the past couple of weeks.

When looking through my classroom word sorts for -ue, I noticed that I had none! That's what sparked this new Skill Building series!

We started by reviewing the rules for vowel teams and sorted some word cards on the board. I kept these up for a few days for the students to refer back to. You could also use these word cards in small group or a matching game.
Let's start with what I was looking for... the word sort...
You know I couldn't stop with just a word sort... Here's a peek at a word building activity in this pack. First, the students cut and built the words on their desks.
 Then, they made sentences for each word. We are really working hard on using our best handwriting.
I asked the students to glue the words to the back of their papers right after they wrote the word for that sentence. Not only did that keep all of those letter tiles out of our trash can, but it gave the students extra practice in spelling and saying the words.
I had to get a student rating! Two thumbs up.
Another day we used a roll and write activity from this series. You can grab a sample page here! They like love using dice with any activity that you, or I, can think of! 
This activity asks them to also count the consonants and vowels in each word as well as using the words to write sentences. I tell my students the only way I will know if they understand the meaning of a word is if they can use it in a sentence that makes sense.
We are also getting into the flapbook craze! The students trace over the dotted word and you guessed it... use the word in a sentence. I left room for the students to draw a picture of the word if there was time.
 Here's one sweet sentence from one of my student's flapbooks.

Next up in the Skill Building series... long a!

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