Sunday, March 22, 2015

2015 Teacher Tool Gift Exchange

Today Miss Decarbo is having a linkup for the teacher tool gift exchange that happened last Saturday night!

I attended the 2015 Spring Teacher Blogger Meetup in French Lick, Indiana last weekend and I can't be happier that I did! Not only did I get to meet so many of my blogging friends, but I even got to fan out and talk to bloggers that I have been admiring for forever! 
This meetup was hosted by Holly Ehle for the second year now and it was, how do you say... AMAZING!!!

A really nice get to know you activity was a teacher tool gift exchange! My gift came from a beautiful lady that I've known for about a year now... JENNIFER from Stories and Songs in Second.
Jennifer really went all out and was so generous with her gift! We actually joked that I was the perfect person to get her gift because my classroom has a nautical theme... Ready?!

There were stickers, pirate pencils, gold coins, a parrot brother for Shilah, and an awesome book, Port Side Pirates! I was overwhelmed by Jennifer's generosity! 
The really cool thing about this book is that there is a sing-a-long CD that goes with it! 
Our classroom Shilah even has a little buddy to kick it with on my desk! They make a cute couple, don't cha think?

Thank you so much Jennifer for all of these goodies! Both my students and I love them ALL!!!

If you want to tell Jennifer how much you love these things too, or ask her any specifics about them, you can chat with her on her Facebook, Instagram, or Blog

Thanks so much for everything, Jennifer! I hope to see you at the meetup next year! ;)
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  1. LOVED this post! I missed seeing your gift at the meet-up! That is awesome!

  2. It seems like the perfect gift for you!! I am so excited that I pulled your name to encourage and stay in touch with over the next year! I already am looking forward to meeting up with everyone next year!
    Heidi Neels
    Flipping for First

  3. What a fun gift! Cannot wait to get together again! You know we love you! Have a fantastic week

  4. Love all the pirate themed stuff. Such a cute idea to do a theme gift.

  5. How did I never see your gift the whole time we were together, you got some great stuff!! Love that your little Shilah has a buddy at school now. :)
    Tickled Pink in Primary

  6. What a great gift! How special that is goes with the theme of your room!

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  8. Loving the little stuffed animal buddies! :)

  9. Ahoy, blogger matey! I am so glad you loved all of your pirate loot! I bought a duplicate book and parrot for my class too, and we loved using both when we read the Magic Treehouse Adventure, Pirates Past Noon! Thanks so much for the wonderful shout outs in your post! May the rest of your school year be smooth sailing! Can't wait for next year's meet-up!
    Stories and Songs in Second