Saturday, February 14, 2015

Teacher Approved!

I seriously love me some Second Story Window! I use so many of their instructional materials you could consider us to be team-teaching. The two teachers behind Second Story Window are two sisters, Emily and Heidi and in addition to their SSW blog, they have created Teacher Approved.

On Teacher Approved, teachers can submit to guest blog and share about a teaching topic that's close to their heart! This month I blogged about using repeated readings to build reading fluency.

You can read my take on repeated readings over at Teacher Approved. I also created FREE graphs for your students to track their progress.

In all honestly, I have to run to my our school's reading specialists on a weekly {if not daily} basis to ask a quick question or run an idea by them. What I can say is that repeated readings have given my students a boost in fluency, comprehension, site word recognition, phrasing, and maybe most importantly, confidence.

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  1. Can you please tell me what you have in the binder marker reading fluency? Thank you I appreciate the help.