Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dailey's Daily Writing Prompts {with a great bundle deal!}

How do you teach writing? I always start with a mini-lesson and use mentor texts as often as possible. I also have daily writing prompts available for students to use when they are early bird finishers, or sometimes we use a prompt together.

I wanted to share my daily writing prompts with you so that you can see how we use them in our class!

First, my students get to keep a week's worth of prompts in their writing folder and use them as they need them.

Here a student is using a March writing prompt. She begged me since she wanted to write about four leaf clovers, even though we are still in February. How could I turn down that request?

They cut them out one by one, as needed. Here is what a week's worth of prompts looks like.
I love watching the writing process take place! After all, I am reading all of those sweet thoughts in their minds.
There is a small graphic the students can color in each day. Some students who are uncomfortable drawing (a.k.a... me back in the day) enjoy this because the can fill it in without having to draw something themselves.
Ready for the full response? What do you think? I triple love it because it includes her opinion, a home connection, and a closing sentence.
You can grab these here and on sale for today and TOMORROW while the TpT sale is going on! Just use the code: heroes. Or, you can grab the bundle for a great deal! I put it on sale AND marked it down. Plus, you've got that coupon code too! 

Happy, ALMOST Friday, Friends!

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  1. I love these writing prompts! They are perfect for writing notebooks. I used to do this same thing a few years ago. I need to get back to doing this with my kiddos! OH...and I'm your inspiration on your blog!!! I saw my logo as I was reading your post. Girl...I'm so honored, but you are MY INSPIRATION! I'll never know how you do all you do! You rock! :-)

    For a Love of Teaching