Thursday, February 12, 2015

A few new Valentine's Day firsts

Mr. Dailey and I don't go over the top with Valentine's Day, but at school it's a different story. I try to make it a special day for my students each year!

This year my students started by making secret bookmarks for one another.
My students decorated them before our Valentine's Day party, and then gave them out a few days later! You can grab the bookmarks here FREE.
Then my students decorated these large brown envelops to hang from their desks to collect their Valentine's.
It was so much fun to watch them create!
Here's a finished product. I just tapped them to the desks. Easy-Peasy.
The day of the party the students gave out their Valentines by putting them in each other's bags.
This week we practiced counting coins with these task cards. I decided not to cut them so that I could laminate them and use the task cards as a board instead of traditional cards. 

 I also found that by not cutting the cards, cleanup was a piece of cake! 
My friend, Dianna from Sassy, Savvy, Simple Teaching sent me these chart markers and little Shilah {stuffed husky} for Valentine's Day! 
If you are looking for a last minute card to give your students, you can grab this one for FREE!
Ya'll know I'm husky crazy!
I gave this homemade Pinterest inspired crayon to my students. Shilah was in the mood to see sniff what was up with it. She liked it, I think.
This was the first time I sent a Valentine's Day card to my blogging buddies over at The Elementary Entourage. I love you girls! xoxo

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