Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Welcome to 2015 in Room 14! {with a writing prompt freebie}

Well this girl is rockin' and rollin' now that we've been back for 3 days! I've been a little too into obsessed with IG lately and came across this New Year's activity from A Cupcake from the Teacher and Step into Second Grade.

The prep was really easy! Just print, copy, and hand out to the students.

One of our classroom resolutions is to write in complete sentences 24/7. Before the students wrote on their good copy, they wrote on whiteboards.

Then, the writing process began, as well as the craft! 
 Call me cray cray but I love seeing the colorful cutting and pasting process. I guess this is because second graders are pretty independent by January. Next came the assembly!
We hung them in the hallway for all to see! I guess it is our way of holding ourselves accountable! 

After that, we still had some writing time left so we prepped for tomorrow's activity. We're beginning with a January writing prompt before we start our opinion writing.
The students have their prompts in their writing folders. They cut the top prompts off and put it in their writer's notebook.
You can grab my January writing prompt sample {here} for free. It's part of a larger writing set.


  1. Your kids goals are too cute...that little sweetie that is going to feed her cat so dad doesn't have to? Adorable!