Saturday, January 3, 2015

Photo Doggies for Anthony {A Teacher Linky}

Today I was invited to join a Facebook "event" for a sixteen year old boy named Anthony from my Aunt Nancy {and Godmother!}. I knew if she was sending me an invite, it must be for something important.

After reading more about it, I soon realized this event was simply asking me to send Anthony a photo of my dog to make him smile.

Anthony is currently at Phoenix Children's hospital undergoing chemotherapy for acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Currently, Anthony is an inpatient and receives doggie visits occasionally at the hospital.

Anthony as a little boy!
Anthony with his mom, Kristen.
Anthony with a visit from a therapy dog, Gus.

What can we do for Anthony? I am hoping that as teachers, we can rally together and show support by sending him a photo of our pets! Such a simple act of kindness brings such happiness to Anthony.

Facebook: Just search "Photo Doggies for Anthony" on Facebook and join the group! Then, you can add your photo in 2 seconds flat. Don't forget to leave Anthony a little message and tell him where you are from. He has received messages on a global scale!

This is our doggie, Shilah! She loved the Christmas tree this year!
This is our photo from our Christmas card. Shilah sat amazingly well! We used the tripod and took that photo without help!

If you're a teacher blogger and you would like to spread the word about Anthony you can link up!

How the Linky works:
1. Make a blog post and show off your doggie!
2. Link back to this blog post.
3. Use the image below in your blog post {if you want} and insert your own pet on one of the images.


  1. Such a great Idea! I am always blogging about Beau the Golden

  2. I think this is very special, and I love our dog Molly. I'd love to write up a post about her, share book titles and dog themed ideas. I have several posts in line for this week, but I will try to link up Wednesday.

  3. I love this! I am going to try and link up this week. Prayers for Anthony!

  4. I've been spreading the word all over Facebook since I saw the event. What a special idea….so happy I can help!!