Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Happy Veteran's Day! A Product & Sale Linky

Happy Veteran's Day Friends!

Today was such a great day with my class. I wanted to showcase this amazing unit made from my friend Aris from Sailing into Second.

The great thing about this unit is that you can pick and chose which activities you would like to use! This year I decided to go with a brainstorming activity and use two different flip books.

Last week my students brainstormed some ideas...

After we had our initial conversation about what we know and want to know about Veteran's Day, we learned more about the holiday during social studies.

To check for understanding, we used the flap book Aris designed.
Each student got a page for the flap book.
 Then we had a great classroom conversation as the students filled out the flaps.
I also let the kids use the fact book, which I absolutely love!
I let the students draw picture under their responses.

If you can, check out that pack from Aris!

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  1. That's a good project to educate kids about the significance of Veteran's Day. I'm sure they learned a lot of stuff about the brave men and women who kindly served the country. Their efforts deserve to be made known, after all. Thanks for sharing that, Melissa! Here's to more fun projects like that. All the best to you! :)

    Brad Post @ Jan Dils