Saturday, November 8, 2014

Disguise the Turkey! {Part 1: Flash Giveaway}

Hello Sweet Friends!
Today I'll be showing you part 1 of my disguise the turkey activity
First, I started by copying the parent letter to send home on the day that I introduce it to my students. Remember to add the date of when you'd like it to be due {I usually give at least 5 days}
Then, I got all of the materials together which include these CAute turkey examples of how a turkey can be disguised! 
 I gave the kids clues and then one by one they turned the cards over to see if their guesses were correct! 
 I suggest reading Turkey Trouble with this activity because it is a full on example of a turkey who makes a disguise to make it past Thanksgiving!
On Friday the turkeys came back and we all had such a good time looking at them!
Here's a few... ELVIS!
 A Princess!
 Football Player!
 Cheerleader! And no, the kids did not coordinate that idea!
 A Hula Dancer
A Jail Bird!

Then we started the first part of our school writing connection. The students first described a regular old turkey with some familiar adjectives or ideas relating to turkeys.
You guessed it! Then we described our disguised turkeys!
A Sunflower!

A Phillies Player... Go Phils!

A Vampire! Who would come near that?!

Part 2 will show you how we wrote our own stories about our turkeys being disguised!

But that's not it, friends! Enter my FLASH giveaway to start this turkey project in your classroom!
There's still time! We have 2 & 1/2 weeks until Thanksgiving!


  1. I like to make thankful turkeys for Thanksgiving, so winning this resource would give me something new to try!

  2. I like to have students discuss, brainstorm, and write who and what they are thankful for. I have a turkey day where we have turkey themed work and centers as well as a Thanksgiving feast for lunch.