Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Comprehension that Sticks

I found such a meaningful comprehension activity {that sticks} from the Reading Mama that I just had to try with my second graders.

I used it with a small group this week as we were reading, The Mouse Who Loved The Moon by Marilee Robin Burton.

The students were asked to write the answers to a set of comprehension questions on sticky notes and paste the sticky notes on the pages where they found the answers. 

I had my students wait until the end to paste them in so that I could really test their memory and their ability to really look back closely through the story!

 Here's a student pasting his sticky note on the page introducing the setting.

His reading buddy agreed with this page...

I love the sticky notes because they provide such a vibrant visual for the students!

I asked the students to have the sticky notes stick out of the book so they could use them as tabs for locating important information.

This set of comprehension questions asked the reader to locate the character, setting, problem & solution. Such important story elements for this age! 

As the students put their sticky notes in the story, I asked them to hold conversations with their reading buddy. If they agreed on where to put the sticky note, the students were asked to put a check mark on the comprehension sheet.

This was such a great experience for the students! They even asked to do it again with their next story. The GREAT part is that this comprehension pack includes 15 pages of different comprehension activities {but has a total of 30 pages because there are differentiated activities}. 

Thanks, Reading Mama!


  1. Love this idea and kids love Post-Its!


  2. Interesting post. This looks like a great product, thanks for sharing!
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