Friday, October 17, 2014

A Pumpkin Craft {Spooky Spiders}

Today was our annual "Harvest Party" and I wanted to snap photos of the craft that some of my classroom moms helped put together! It was super cute and easy for the kids!

You'll need a pumpkin for each student plus these materials:

Pipe cleaners for legs,
craft glue,
  and these cute eyeballs with screw backs to stick into the pumpkins

You'll also want to get these black pom poms for noses.
Have the kids use the craft glue to add the pom poms to the pumpkins.

The students loved the hands on steps to this craft!

A trick to adding the legs is to push the wire in the pipe cleaner through the pumpkin. 
It actually works!

You can add Sharpe Markers to have the students draw mouths and other {spider} facial features. 

You know I loved the eyes with the long lashes!

Each one was unique and special. 

I would highly suggest this activity for any classroom party or pumpkin/spider unit!