Monday, September 1, 2014

Back to School Mystery Giveaway {Day 5}

We're wrapping up the Mystery Giveaway today with the final answers to the last set of clues.

Day 4 {Clue 1}: Every teacher needs their own personalized ______ to write a note to a parent or colleague.

Answer: Notepad

I was so excited to find HedoePaper because they were able to personalize a notepad for me which goes along with my nautical theme!

There are a ton of other images to choose from, but I just loved the anchor! 

Day 4 {Clue 2}: Students use this to write down assignments.

                                      Answer: Piece of Paper

I wore this shirt {which looks like a piece of notebook paper} to my open house where the students and parents met me for the first time! They could tell right away that my favorite subject is writing!

Just in case you have forgotten, here are the list of prizes!
Plus, one lucky winner will receive a $100 TpT Bundle from my 
sweet friends!
Enter now! The winners will be announced shortly!

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