Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Back to School Mystery Giveaway

Hello Friends!

I'm excited to announce my first....

Everyday I'll be leaving a couple of clues for you to guess what the next day's prize(s) will be... fun, right?! 

Today I'll tell you about the giveaway & give you the first set of clues. The giveaway will run through Sunday. WaaaHooo!!!

On Saturday I'll be linking up with some of my sweet teacher friends to show you my classroom makeover photos but I'll still leave a clue for you to make a guess for Sunday. 

Here's how it works:
1. Check in each day to read the clues.
2. Leave a blog post comment to try and guess what the clue is for the giveaway items.
3. Check back in the next day because I will post the answers to the clues and post new clues for the next day's giveaway items.
4. Enter the rafflecopter (it's a long one so you can feel free to do a little bit each day or the whole thing at once).
5. Share the giveaway with your friends online for extra entry points!
6. On Monday I'll reveal the 9 winners of the giveaway! Each winner will win one item from the giveaway. 

Ready for the AMAZING news?!
Besides the 8, yes 8 Etsy giveaway items, you'll also be entered to win a TpT package worth $100 smackaroos to start off your year! 

Here are my sweet friends {plus me} who offered to donate 
to the TpT Package
Image Map

Ok, Ya'll! Now the fun part...
What is a fashion accessory that both women and men can wear during fall, winter, or spring to spruce up their wardrobe?

Every teacher needs their own personal _________ to travel from the classroom, to the car and back!

Make your guess and enter now! The Mystery Giveaway ends Sunday!
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