Saturday, August 30, 2014

Extreme Makeover {Classroom Edition}

Today is the day! I finally get to show off my classroom and am linking up with The Primary Gal to showcase my room and see a ton of other classrooms as well. 

Let's look at some before pics!

More before...

Drum roll please...
My beautiful view each morning.
And now to the right... We've got pretty spacious rooms.
           I doubt my desk will stay this clean but it looks great for now! 
I've organized my books by level and am currently in the process of labeling the bins. I'll be sure to post those pictures once that little chore is done.
We build the word wall together, which is why it's empty right now. Can you guess my classroom theme based on the books on the ledge?!
I usually put my word wall up on the closets and hang my anchor charts all over the room. This year I switched it up by making these content walls. I'll still hang some of the anchor charts, but wanted to have a place where the students knew where to find a lot of the basic helpers.
You can grab these banners free here. 

I like to group the students into groups because the majority of the time we all work collaboratively.
I can't believe how much the students use the helpers on the clock! Then, it seems like all of a sudden in the middle of the year they don't need them at all! It's such a beautiful telling time transformation! 
I like to keep my loves close by! 
These clothespins are great because they are magnetic and C.U.T.E.! Who doesn't love a polka dot?
At the end of each year the students make welcome signs for the upcoming students. 
Here's my favorite part of my classroom! The Writing Wall.

Come back again tomorrow for the answers to the day 3 clues for the Mystery Giveaway and to see what's next. You can still enter now!

Don't forget to stop by The Primary Gal so you can view the other classrooms that have linked up!


  1. Nice classroom setup. Have a great year!

  2. Looks great! Good job girl! Have a fantastic year:-) xoxo

  3. I love your classroom! I was wanting to know where you got your writing focus wall from! Is there a TPT store I could find it in? I would love to use that!

  4. Do you have the writing wall information? I would love the file.

    1. I also want to know if there is access to your writing wall?